Thursday 13: rambling

  1. Got the kids up in time this morning.  🙂
  2. Got the girl dropped off at Montessori before taking the boy to the bus stop.  🙂
  3. made my coffee.  🙂
  4. turned the computer on.  🙂
  5. Blue screen of death.  😦
  6. I said F#CK!  😦
  7. Many, many time.  😦
  8. I can’t work.  😦
  9. I restarted my computer many, many, many times.  Hoping for different results every time. 😦
  10. Government reporting due at the end of the month.  😦
  11. F#CK!!  😦
  12. Going to pound out some miles at the gym today.  🙂
  13. Hopefully I can get it resolved sooner rather than later.  :/

Thursday 13

6 Responses

  1. I thought I had the blue screen of death this morning, too. Fortunately, it finally did turn on but I haven’t been so lucky in the past. I have a feeling my laptop will be moving on to greener pastures sooner than I hoped.

  2. Hope you can get the computer back to running soon. Happy TT!

  3. Oh, blue screen of death – I hate it when that happens!

    Hope the rest of the day has been better for you.

    Here is my T13 if you’d like to peek.


  4. I have an author friend suffering computer problems right now too. My reaction was to do an emergency back up of all my files. Hope I didn’t overlook anything.

  5. If you want help – send me an email. My son works for me – i own a small company called Area Networks – Louie does a lot of workstation diagnostics and cleanup. Send me an email or call me at 708-699-6579 (cell).

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