Thursday 13: Snow day

The kids have a snow day today…

  1. Watch TV
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Play Wii
  4. Watch a movie, or two
  5. Help me shovel
  6. Maybe not.  They’re still in PJ’s.
  7. Eat Lunch
  8. Play Monopoly Jr.
  9. Make a fort
  10. read a book
  11. Eat a Snack
  12. bicker
  13. whine

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6 Responses

  1. Even when I yell at them, the kids want to spend the whole day in PJs.

  2. Why is it that snow days always devolve into whining and bickering?

  3. Now that brings back memories of the blizzard of 1977. Great list.

  4. I LOVE to get days like that…no work, just hang out with the kids and do whatever we want…I WANT SNOW!!!!! Okay, there is my whining for the day and sorry it had to be on your site, lovely one!

  5. Snow day; childrens fantasy, parents nightmare.

    Good Luck

    -Luke Sidewalker

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