Thursday 13: 13 wipe boxes

Having two kids, we went though wipes. We’d by our refills in bulk, but they ALWAYS came with a box. We sent many to daycare for reuse, but we have also re-purposed some as you can see.

13 wipe boxes

Here they are all closed.  I’m inserting a gallery of shots so you can see what’s in them  🙂

Notice that none of them actually have wipes in them…

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19 Responses

  1. Great uses for those boxes! Do the little goodies inside smell fresh & clean?

  2. Good reuse! We were lucky enough to find a brand that let us buy unscented non-alcohol refills wthout a box where we live.

    I have a different sort of container where I put our miscellaneous party favor crap. It gets picked up every Friday afternoon.

  3. I hate McDonald’s toys and party favor crap! They just seem to go to the landfill. But I love how you’ve used your wipe containers.

  4. I remember those days, we had tonnes of them and I always found a use for them somehow. I still have a couple that are holding Christmas ornaments and a few other goodies. It was a great place for hiding little presents too, no one looked in the wipe box.

  5. Those were the days. The last of ours bit the dust during our move this summer and I have considered more than once buying a few packs just to get those nifty little containers. ~ Calico Contemplations

  6. I don’t have kids but I used to buy the wipes to keep my hands clean at art shows. I’ve used the leftover containers for all sorts of things too but never thought of using them as a Thursday Thirteen! What a really fun TT!

    My TT this week is The Best Part of CHRISTMAS PAST, I’m getting into the holiday spirit!

  7. Baby wipes boxes are a great size for lots of things. When my kids were that age, Chubbs made boxes shaped like oversized leggos. They won our brand loyalty hands down. By the time we were done, we could build a miniature castle big enough for a preschooler to stand inside.

  8. nice way to avoid mess, especially when you have a lot of school supplies and toys but the space is limited, I admire your patience in sorting them out and demonstrate to the world that being organized is important!

  9. Great ideas for re-purposing.

  10. Okay, that is an awesome idea for reusing those! I will have to remember that. I have a few around the house, and more than a few things that could use a plastic bin. Thank yo.

  11. That’s an awesome idea!! So wish we would have done that. We did refill them over and over again – even then it’s like just toss them out and get a new one.

    Peas Out! (or Pass Out)
    ~daddy b

  12. Oh, can you figure out what brand we favored?? LOL!!

  13. so good that you’re reusing them!

  14. Good idea, I’ll have to suggest that to my son and daughter-in-law!

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