Thursday 13: the 5K race

13 things about the Jingle Bell 5K race on November 15.

  1. It drizzled during the whole race.
  2. We started about 5 minutes late.
  3. I wore a Santa jingle Bell hat!
  4. I took it off during the race and stuffed part of it down my pants.
  5. It wouldn’t stay in my pocket!
  6. I wore stretchy gloves at the start.
  7. I took those off about half way too.
  8. There was a man running in an 11 foot North Pole costume.  He crossed the finish line before me.
  9. My official time was 36:01.7
  10. I changed out of my soaked shirt before I went home.
  11. Left the wet pants on, although I had brought a change of clothes.
  12. The shower when I got home ranks right up there as one of the best showers.
  13. I was pretty tired, that when I was cooking dinner, I thought I turned off the timer.  It turns out that I turned off the oven  😦

There you have it!  Here’s more about the 5K on my other blog.

Thursday 13

7 Responses

  1. Aww, you should have worn the hat. I could just see it bogging and jingling the whole way. Ok, maybe I can see why you stuffed it down your pants.

  2. Hi!
    Read your blog post. Sounds like you did pretty good. I think I could have done without the Santa Hat too. Have a great day!!

    Sherrie’s Stuff

  3. Good for you being able to participate. I would have been comatose if I even attempted it lol Happy T13!

  4. I meant “bobbing” not “bogging” . Please pardon my typos. *eyeroll at myself*

  5. Oh no! I hope you were still able to have dinner 🙂

    Sounds like you did a great during the race! You’re such a trooper.

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