Thursday 13: Thanksgiving

Well, I’m sure that Thanksgiving will be a popular theme for the Thursday 13.   So here it is…  13 of my favorite Thanksgiving foods.

  1. Turkey.  Well, duh!
  2. Pumpkin pie
  3. Sausage stuffing
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Deviled eggs
  6. Rolls/biscuits
  7. Cranberry sauce, with whole cranberries.
  8. Sweet potatoes or yams
  9. Squash
  10. Green bean casserole
  11. Pecan Pie
  12. Ice cream
  13. Milk

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: the 5K race

13 things about the Jingle Bell 5K race on November 15.

  1. It drizzled during the whole race.
  2. We started about 5 minutes late.
  3. I wore a Santa jingle Bell hat!
  4. I took it off during the race and stuffed part of it down my pants.
  5. It wouldn’t stay in my pocket!
  6. I wore stretchy gloves at the start.
  7. I took those off about half way too.
  8. There was a man running in an 11 foot North Pole costume.  He crossed the finish line before me.
  9. My official time was 36:01.7
  10. I changed out of my soaked shirt before I went home.
  11. Left the wet pants on, although I had brought a change of clothes.
  12. The shower when I got home ranks right up there as one of the best showers.
  13. I was pretty tired, that when I was cooking dinner, I thought I turned off the timer.  It turns out that I turned off the oven  😦

There you have it!  Here’s more about the 5K on my other blog.

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: 13 jobs I have had

It’s Thursday again!!  Time for Thursday 13.  Thirteen jobs I have had in my life.

  1. Babysitter
  2. Cashier, at two grocery stories.
  3. Bag lady.  When I started at a grocery store at college, they had me start as a bagger.  Bag lady just sounds funnier.
  4. Restroom door opener.  At one of the retail stores I worked at, I worked in the lady’s department.  One of the duties involved watching for people who needed to go to the restroom and buzz them in.
  5. Deli Clerk.  At two different grocery stores.  After I turned 18, of course.
  6. Sales Associate. At a couple different retail stores.  One full time and the other seasonal.
  7. Office Assistant.  This was at a small tax preparation place.  I would check the simple tax forms and prepare the clients copies.  This was also during college.  She mad many farmer and trucker clients.
  8. Assistant Manager.  I worked as an assistant manager at a Fashion Bug in Ohio.  We were supposed to have three managers altogether, but there was only two of us.  it made for really long days.
  9. Jewelry Department associate.  I worked in the Jewelry department for Monkey Wards while in Ohio.  The drive was a bit closer that Fashion Bug.  I had a base pay plus commission, which sucked when anybody returned anything.
  10. Closer.  Both at a title company, going over the mortgage loan docs with the borrowers, and AT a mortgage company, preparing said documents for the borrower’s to sign.
  11. Funder. At the mortgage company, we would have outside mortgage brokers prepare their own documents and would use our funds at closing.  I would check the documents to make sure they were correct before we could wire the funds to the title comapny.
  12. Accounting Officer.  I’m not sure this is really the correct job title…
  13. Compliance Officer.

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: 13 Random statements

  1. ugh…  is it Thursday again already?
  2. That means it’s FRIDAY tomorrow!
  3. I signed up for another 5K.
  4. The Jingle Bell Run for arthritis.
  5. Please sponsor me!!
  6. I’m running with a friend!  🙂
  7. It’s November 15th.
  8. I ran a short route yesterday.
  9. Less than 2 miles.
  10. Got my seasonal flu shot yesterday afternoon.
  11. My arm is SORE!!
  12. I won’t be needing the H1N1 flu shot.
  13. Had the H1N1 flu last week

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Wordless Wednesday: a little confused


Lilac in our backyard, taken 11/3/2009


taken 11/3/2009

Wordless Wednesday