Thursday 13: More IL towns

These are Illinois towns that have people names!  13 Linkydinks   to Wikipedia.

  1. Melvin
  2. Elliott
  3. Sidney
  4. Loraine
  5. Kent
  6. Warren
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Byron
  9. Lena
  10. Savanna
  11. Dale
  12. Ashley
  13. Casey

Honorable mentions with no Wikipedia pages:  Charlotte & Emma.

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve lived in Ill. my entire life and have only heard of like 2 of those towns 🙂

    Have a great Thursday!
    You should join us on Monday for Monday Mayhem.

  2. Clever Clever!!! 🙂 Happy T13!!!

  3. Elliott is my maiden name. Maybe I need to move to Illinois 🙂

  4. We’ve got a Lena and a Warren in Montana. Not sure about the rest.

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