Thursday 13: Another to do list

13 things that  done on Wednesday & Thursday before we go.

  1. Catch up on reading the newspaper.  I haven’t read it since Saturday! (done!  10/21)
  2. Two loads of laundry.  Folded AND put away. (done 10/21)
  3. Unload the dishwasher.  (done 10/21)
  4. Grocery shopping.  (done 10/21)
  5. Scrapbook photos of my Gramma & Grampa.  (done 10/21)
  6. Run.  (should have done 10/21 but didn’t.  Too rainy to run 10/22)
  7. Ride the  bike.  (done 10/21)
  8. Pack.  (done 10/21)
  9. Make car payment.  After this payment, only 6 left.  Unfortunately I can’t do this on-line.  (done 10/21)
  10. Clean off the guest bed for MIL. (done 10/21)
  11. Clean the bathroom.  (done 10/21)
  12. Vacuum the stairs. (done 10/21)
  13. Finish this list.

Thursday 13

7 Responses

  1. It’s always a good feeling to cross things off the to do list. Happy T13!

  2. You forgot to put “done” after #13. Looks pretty done to me, much to my amazement. No way I’d have gotten all that done in a day.

  3. Whew!! I need to hire you to come to my house for a day….I never get that much done!!

    Happy TT!

  4. Yay! It is so great to get things checked off a list!

    Happy Thursday and best wishes for a great weekend!

  5. Hmmm. Busy girl.

  6. Sounds like you’ve been as busy as I have.

  7. Wow 6 more payments, awesome… We still have 8 payments to make for ours..

    Here is my first Thursday Thirteen

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