Thursday 13: Done & to Do

Here’s my Thursday 13 list of things that have been done and things to do:

  1. Done:  Run a 5K.  My first one ever.  36.28.8 (Saturday 9/26)
  2. Done:  Four loads of laundry.  folded AND put away! (Wed 9/30)  That is a miracle.  Normally laundry just sits until I get tired of it.
  3. Done:  Run the dishwasher AND put the dishes away! (Wed 9/30)
  4. Done:  Changed the calender to a new month.  (Thur 10/1)
  5. To do/Done: Run Little Man’s snacks to the school.  At this point it’s not done, but will be done at noon (10/1)
  6. To do/Done:  Run to Meijer for Little Man’s vitamins.  (10/1)
  7. To do:  Put away the summer clothes and haul out the fall/winter clothes.  For myself and the kids.  Hoping to get it done this weekend.
  8. To do:  One more load of laundry.  Hopefully this evening after soccer practice
  9. To do:  Divide up the meat and freeze it.  Must do today!
  10. To do:  Get back in the habit of running again.  It was good training running the 5K and I somewhat actually enjoyed it!
  11. To do:   Get back in the habit of regular exercise.
  12. To do:  Start taking photos for the blog again!
  13. To do/done:  Finish this list.

Thursday 13

11 Responses

  1. i think i need to create my list soon too

    my 13 this week is about movies

  2. Busy lady. I was on laundry detail yesterday and just going to get a nice beef stew started for supper time. I hope you mark everything off of your list. Happy T13!

  3. I love to-do lists!

  4. You ran for 5 kilometers?! Not me. No way. I’d only do it if I could bicycle.

  5. You sure are busy! I’m not much of a list maker and when I do make them I just tend to lose them. Not sure I could ever run 5k but I know I can’t now, good work.

  6. Cool! A 5k is nothing to sneeze at. I can’t run, so doing one is totally out of the realm of possibilities for me.

  7. i wish i could run. sadly for me, i suffocate when i run. i don’t know how to breathe. and i chose life!! 😉

  8. and when i said i don’t know how to breathe, i totally meant only while running. because otherwise, breathing and i get along fine.

  9. Great list!

  10. Yes, do start taking photos for the blog again. And nice job on the 5k.

  11. Laundry has to be my least favorite word in the English language. Happy TT =)

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