Thursday 13: More IL towns

These are Illinois towns that have people names!  13 Linkydinks   to Wikipedia.

  1. Melvin
  2. Elliott
  3. Sidney
  4. Loraine
  5. Kent
  6. Warren
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Byron
  9. Lena
  10. Savanna
  11. Dale
  12. Ashley
  13. Casey

Honorable mentions with no Wikipedia pages:  Charlotte & Emma.

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Thursday 13: Another to do list

13 things that  done on Wednesday & Thursday before we go.

  1. Catch up on reading the newspaper.  I haven’t read it since Saturday! (done!  10/21)
  2. Two loads of laundry.  Folded AND put away. (done 10/21)
  3. Unload the dishwasher.  (done 10/21)
  4. Grocery shopping.  (done 10/21)
  5. Scrapbook photos of my Gramma & Grampa.  (done 10/21)
  6. Run.  (should have done 10/21 but didn’t.  Too rainy to run 10/22)
  7. Ride the  bike.  (done 10/21)
  8. Pack.  (done 10/21)
  9. Make car payment.  After this payment, only 6 left.  Unfortunately I can’t do this on-line.  (done 10/21)
  10. Clean off the guest bed for MIL. (done 10/21)
  11. Clean the bathroom.  (done 10/21)
  12. Vacuum the stairs. (done 10/21)
  13. Finish this list.

Thursday 13

Thursday 13: Last weekend

Thirteen things about last weekend.

  1. Last weekend was a long weekend.
  2. We left Friday after to drive 5 hours to Troy, OH to pick up the in-laws.
  3. Saturday early AM (7:00 EDT) we left Troy, OH for Erie, PA for a wedding.
  4. We had to wake the kids up super early.
  5. We FINALLY bought battery’s for the headphones for the DVD player.
  6. We arrived in Erie, PA around noon, so we ate lunch at Max & Erma’s.
  7. It was near the hotel.
  8. The wedding was beautiful & the reception was fun.
  9. We met up with some of hubby’s friends after the reception.
  10. Then we went to the parents of the grooms house.
  11. The kids got to bed after 11:15 pm (EDT) and were really wound up.
  12. Sunday morning (not too early) we headed back to Troy, OH.
  13. We got back home Monday afternoon.  We stopped to see Gramma in the hospital.

I guess I could go on, but then it would be a Thursday 13 anymore!


Wordless Wednesday: Don’t let the cat out of the bag


Wordless Wednesday

Thursday 13: Why Hubby and I will never have to buy labels

I know it’s a long title.  Hubby and I have lived in our house for 4 years and we’ve only bought one roll of labels.  It’s maybe not even half gone.  We won’t have to buy labels for ourselves for a very long time.  Here’s why, with links:

  1. National Children’s Cancer Society (me)
  2. Easter Seals (me)
  3. Arthritis Foundation (me)
  4. American Heart Association (me)
  5. March of Dimes (me & hubby separately)
  6. Muscular Dystrophy Association (me & hubby separately)
  7. Disabled American Veterans (me & hubby separately)
  8. US Olympic Committee (me & hubby separately)
  9. US Golf Association (hubby)
  10. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (hubby)
  11. National Arbor Day Foundation – 2006 (hubby)
  12. Penn State University (hubby)
  13. State Farm Agent (both as a family)