Thursday 13: N-Z towns in llinois.

Here we are, a continuation of last week…

  1. N is for Noble.  Richland County
  2. O is for Oneida.  Knox County
  3. P is for Paw Paw.  Lee County
  4. Q is for Quincy.  Adams County  (This is my only big town mention!  As far as I know, there is no other “Q” town in IL.
  5. R is for Rankin.  Vermilion County  (Yes, Vermilion is only with 1 “l”)
  6. S is for Schram City.  Montgomery County
  7. T is for Toluca.  Marshall County
  8. U is for Utica.  La Salle County (Home of Beautiful Starved Rock State Park)
  9. V is for Viola.  Mercer County
  10. W is for Weldon.  De Witt County
  11. X is for Xenia.  Clay County (Thanks, Cous!)
  12. Y is for Yates City.  Knox County
  13. Z is for Zeigler.  Franklin County.

There you are!  The ABC’s of town’s in Illinois!

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7 Responses

  1. Illinois-the state I was born in. Grin. You make me want to visit it again.

  2. You just like to keep me web searching. I had fun with last week’s list and I’m sure I’ll have fun again this week.

  3. Hey, I’m amazed you found an X , even with help.

  4. Fun take on T13.

  5. Great idea for a TT!

  6. This is great info for T-13..

  7. It’s good to have help on those tough letters!

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