Thursday 13: How my kids are like me

  1. Baby Girl likes to eat butter by itself
  2. Little Man will chase food he doesn’t like to eat with whatever he is drinking.
  3. Little Man doesn’t like sauce on his spaghetti
  4. Little Man likes to sleep with his legs or feet covered.  No matter how warm it is.
  5. Little Man has a lazy eye 😦 and needs to be patched.
  6. Little Man has trouble focusing on tasks.
  7. They both like to eat uncooked spaghetti noodles
  8. They both run crazy and have “summer legs”.  Bruised and scraped.
  9. They both enjoying reading and being read to.
  10. Little Man gets carsick if reading.
  11. Neither are night owls.
  12. Both like to climb.
  13. Baby girl talks in her sleep.

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13 Responses

  1. these are beautiful notes 🙂
    i had a lazy eye…it made for good conversation! ha!

  2. Delightful list! Both your children sound adorable ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. It’s fun to see yourself in your children. Happy TT!

  4. Sweet list. My girl doesn’t like tomato sauce on anything!

  5. I always had “Summer legs” as a kid. My kids hardly ever do. I blame the Playstation.

  6. “Summer legs” — yep, that describes things over here. Me, too! I’ve got ’em, myself, this year.

  7. #1 made me giggle.

  8. No sauce! 😮

    This was a great list. It is interesting to see how many similarities they have to you, especially with some of the less common ones.

  9. awww really 😀

    nice list!

    13 goals in 13 days

  10. #14: Little Man sometimes burps when he yawns!

  11. great post!

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