Thursday 13: Pros & cons of working from home

  1. Pro:  I can wear my PJ’s.
  2. Con:  I have a closet full of clothes that I no longer wear, but don’t want to get rid of.
  3. Pro:  I can ride the kids to daycare on my bike and not have to worry if I stink other people out.
  4. Pro:  If I wake up at 3 AM and I can’t sleep, I can log on a few hours to not disturb hubby.
  5. Con:  I can work at all hours.  (I rarely do because the kids don’t allow it!).
  6. Pro:  If the kids are sick, I don’t have to take time off to be with them.
  7. Pro:  I’m already home so we don’t have to worry about before/after school daycare.
  8. Pro:  I don’t have to think about packing a lunch or going out daily.
  9. Pro:  I get to listen to my radio as loud as I want without disturbing anyone else
  10. Pro:  I can listen to the TV or a movie if I wanted to.
  11. Pro:  I save money by not having to commute.
  12. Pro:  I don’t have annoying co-workers bugging me at my desk.
  13. Con:  I miss interacting with co-workers daily.

Thursday 13

16 Responses

  1. 14. PRO: When we have people come over (furnace, roofers) I don’t have to take time off.
    15. PRO: No meetings
    16. CON: Conference calls instead.

  2. Interesting that you have working at all hours as a con. Cause it is! But I’ve seen people list it as a pro. I don’t think the people who list it that way have tried it.

  3. Interesting list, amazing how something can be both a pro & a con with just a little perspective change.

  4. Con: Don’t feel like I’m doing any one thing really well, but am juggling multiple balls in the air constantly.

    Good list. I’ve worked from home, worked at work, and done a combination… I have to say at this point I prefer either being AT work, or being AT home (not working!).

    • Sometimes I feel that I’d be more focused if I had an office to work in. But considering the circumstances, I’d rather be working at home than not working at all.

  5. I love Pro #6. It is the main reason I work from home. So that I can be available to my kids no matter what and not have to deal with asking the boss from time off of work to take care of them. Great list! :o) Happy TT!

  6. Interesting list. I would love to work from home…I think.

  7. I can go dirty barefoot from being in the garden and wear a sundress with nothing in under it. I can ignore the phone when it rings and I don’t even have to pay my answering machine for taking the messages.

  8. Yes adult conversation is good. Must have been why I turned to blogging! lol

  9. i would love to work at home!
    well, since i am a housewife and writer right now that is what i do, but i mean i want to actually have an INCOME! 🙂

    enjoy your site!

  10. I’ve never had the opportunity to work from home, not even for a day. I don’t know if I’d like it or not, as much as being in an office annoys me so much of the time. I’d probably become a hermit, and never get on my bike!

    But it would save so much time, and there are many of the pros listed (though i don’t have kids, so that doesn’t apply to my life). Some of my coworkers talk about jobs they’ve had where they worked from home 2 or 3 days/week, and that sounds like it might be a good balance.

    I expect that working from home, or from more local sort of virtual offices, will become more and more normal, as we deal with economic/environmental/other issues. Anyway, I always find it interesting to see what people who are working from home find to be the pluses and minuses!

  11. If I could I would definitely work from home, but unfortunately at this point my work life involves an office. I wish I could work in my PJ’s, if I showed up in my cow jammies my boss would have a heart attack – rofl – it might be funny to see what he says though.

  12. Ha! I like the pj freedom too. Happy TT!

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