Thursday 13: 13 songs on my iPod

Of 249 songs on the iPod , these are the next 13 that played, while on shuffle…

  1. “To Make you Feel My Love”  Garth Brooks;  Fresh Horses – The Limited Series
  2. “Not That Different”  Collin Raye;  I Think About You
  3. “My Sweet Lady”  John Denver;  Rocky Mountain Collection
  4. “Who’s Crying Now” Journey;  Journey’s Greatest Hits
  5. “Perhaps Love”  John Denver with Placido Domingo;  Rocky Mountain Collection
  6. “Temptation Eyes”  The Grass Roots;  70’s Rock (Disc 1)
  7. “I know I’m Losing You”  Rare Earth Feat, Peter Rivera;   70’s Rock (Disc 1)
  8. “Y.M.C.A (12″ Version)”  The Village People;  The Best of Village People
  9. “Two Pina Coladas”  Garth Brooks;  Sevens
  10. “That Summer”  Garth Brooks;  The Chase – The Limited Series
  11. “Heart Full of Rain”  Collin Raye;  I Think About You
  12. “The River”  Garth Brooks;  Ropin’ the Wind – The Limited Series
  13. “Magnet and Steel”  Waiter Egan;  70’2 Rock (Disc 2)

more Thursday 13

6 Responses

  1. my type of songs.

  2. Wow! These are great songs.

    Did you know that Bob Dylan wrote Make you Feel my Love? My favorite version is recorded by Adele.

    My Sweet Lady was a song that my boyfriend at the time sang to me. Ah, sweet memories!

  3. awwww this is truyly a momemnt for me to revive my list 🙂

    Love is funny”

    I Want You”

  4. Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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