Thursday 13: Rambling

  1. I have no idea what to do for Thursday 13 this week.
  2. So I’m going to ramble.
  3. The kids are going to spend 2 weeks with Nana & Papa this year.
  4. They leave on Sunday.
  5. In my van.
  6. That just rolled 36000 miles on Tuesday.
  7. It’s a 2004 van.
  8. We very rarely drive it.
  9. Hubby and I will be visiting friends in UT.
  10. Two trips for me in one summer!
  11. I’m so excited!
  12. We’ll be going to a Cubs game at the end of August.
  13. GO CUBS!!

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Thursday 13: 13 yoga poses

This morning I got my butt out of bed and did some Wii Fit.  I did most of the Yoga sequence.  These are the 13 Yoga poses that I did this morning:

  1. Deep breathing
  2. Half Moon
  3. Warrior II
  4. Tree
  5. Sun Salutation (Back bend, forward bend, Chair repeat 3 times)
  6. Knee lift
  7. Palm Tree
  8. Chair
  9. Triangle
  10. Down dog
  11. Bridge
  12. Knee Down Spinal twisting
  13. Shoulder Stand

They also have Dancer & cobra, but I opted to not do them.

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F F Friday (58)

I missed last week, but we just had these lily’s bloom in the last week or so.


Happy Friday all.  Have a great weekend!

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