Thursday 13: Vacation re-cap

  1. My iPod played “Leaving on a Jetplane” by John Denver on the way out.  I smiled
  2. We ate LOTS of ice cream!  Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon & Saturday evening.  YUM!!
  3. Friday afternoon we went to Fort Worth Stockyard.
  4. We made it in time to see the Cattle Drive
  5. They were longhorn cattle
  6. We went to Lake Lewisville Saturday morning.
  7. We made a sandcastle.
  8. Saturday afternoon we went to visit another cousin for MORE swimming.  In a pool this time.
  9. Sunday I went to church with my cousin’s family.  They are southern Baptist and I am Catholic.
  10. For Father’s Day, we went to cousin-in-laws parents house.
  11. We had homemade pie that afternoon instead of ice cream.
  12. My iPod played “Back Home Again” by John Denver on the way home.  I smiled and chuckled a little then too.
  13. both flights were good and uneventful

Here’s a few photo’s from the trip.

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10 Responses

  1. It sounds like it was a wonderful time! I love all of the photos.

  2. sounds like a great time 🙂

  3. Hi!
    Sounds like you had lots of fun things to do on your vacation. Never saw a cattle drive before, only on t.v. Have a great day!!


  4. Sounds like a good trip.

  5. happy TT!

  6. What a fun trip, glad flying went well for you

  7. Home made pie and ice cream, talk about a sweet vacation!

  8. Boss! De Train. De Train!!! Oh. Wait a minute. That was ‘Plane’, wasn’t it? Oh, well.

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