F F Friday (52)

My last official F F Friday post, although I may continue to post anyway.  I’ll try not to duplicate too much.

Our Iris’s are starting to bloom.



I believe these are Siberian Iris’s.  The second is taken from above.  🙂  Happy Fucking floral Friday.  🙂

9 Responses

  1. So pretty! I love the perspective from above!

  2. Oh I love it. So lovely! 😉

  3. You did it, a whole year of floral. Someday, I will look back and all the lovely photos and probably want to do it again.

  4. WOW those vibrant!

  5. Those are so pretty! I love the blue, and the odd shaped petals. (I tried to say pedals. too much biking!) I never know what most flowers are called, but now I know that I like irises! 🙂

    • Actually they are more purple than blue! I still need to figure out the camera better. I’m pretty sure they are Iris’s, but not so sure on the Siberian thing.

  6. Those are beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous. And this is lceel – it seems that WordPress blogs pick up my new WordPress ID rather than my other identity. Had I known …..

  8. For a minute I thought you were doing Fiction Friday 55s – FF55. I hadn’t seen Fucking Floral Fridays before.

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