Photo Hunt: In Memory

These photos are fairly old and it’s quite obvious I didn’t take any of them…

11/14/1914-12/19/1973George Kretschmer:  October 14, 1914 – December 19, 1973  Granddad (GK) was in the Army Air Corp and flew in WWII.  This is the Stearman plane he flew.

Edwin Doerr: October 11, 1922 - October 21, 2006 This is Grampa.

Fran Kretschmer, wife of GK:  June 13, 1915-Sept. 2, 2008

Fran Kretschmer, Wife of GK: June 13, 1915 - September 2, 2008

Another of GK

Another of GK

June 20, 1885 - March 16, 1987  Mother of Fran Kretschmer

Marie VanDyne Mother of Fran Kretschmer: June 20, 1885 - March 16, 1987

I’m hoping to have additional photo’s of Grampa in his Navy uniform on his page.


13 Responses

  1. Wow, this is a great idea. Love old pictures and of course your idea.

    Mine´s up here:

    Have a great weekend, Tina

  2. What wonderful family pictures… I have boxes of them too and really need to get them scanned into the computer so they won’t be lost forever. I also need to get some of the people identified so we will know the stories behind the pictures. Great job.
    Mine is up here.

  3. Neat take on the theme – mine’s In Memory of a great time to be repeated!

  4. Great family memories!

    Love the “buffet” sign!

  5. I love old photographs; yours I’m sure are full of memories,

    My Post:

  6. Lovely photos. The first one is awesome!

  7. Very, very cool. I love the Stearman.

  8. I really enjoyed this little walk back in history, especially since my dad is absolutely fascinated by old airplanes. You must be very proud of your grandparents.

    I’m all full of flowers, like usual.

  9. Great memories and a great grouping of family pictures for this week’s theme.

    Mine’s up here:

    JyLnC’s In Memory

  10. My Sunday post has some Stearman shots I took. Just for you.

  11. Lovely pictures. Lovely memories.

  12. I love old photos like this. My favorite is Gramdpa Edwin’s – not sure why – something about the way he is sitting.

  13. i love the vintage photos. 🙂

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