A Lent update

I think I’ll catch-up on blog reading on Saturday.  There’s just too much to blog reading on Sunday’s and to catch-up on Facebook as well.   Do you think that’s unreasonable?  To modify it after a few weeks?  It’s still the same basic sacrifice and it still gets me off the net M-F and most of Saturday.  What do you think?  Is that cheating?

The first four days were good.  No cheating of any sorts.

The next week (3/2-3/7), I peeked on Facebook after the kids were in bed to clear out any app invites and adjust my notifications.  That’s it.  No surfing.  I also checked Google reader to clear out a couple of time related posts.

This past week (3/9-3/14), I was very good.  No peeking at Facebook.  No checking Google reader, until today, Saturday.  I had 95 posts in my reader Saturday morning.

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