stuff and more stuff

I’ll be happy when Easter is here and Lent is over.  I’ll catch-up on my F F Friday posts, one a day until I’m all caught up.  Maybe I’ll start posting Wordless Wednesday again, Thursday Thirteen and Photohunt.  I’m itching to post again.  I’m ready to talk about American Idol (or American Idle?) and such.  I’m ready to Facebook again, but with more restraint.  I’ll be ready to keep up on my blog reading and feel current.

My question for you.  Who Twitters and should I sign up for it?  I think it’ll integrate here on WordPress.  What about Facebook?

A Lent update

I think I’ll catch-up on blog reading on Saturday.  There’s just too much to blog reading on Sunday’s and to catch-up on Facebook as well.   Do you think that’s unreasonable?  To modify it after a few weeks?  It’s still the same basic sacrifice and it still gets me off the net M-F and most of Saturday.  What do you think?  Is that cheating?

The first four days were good.  No cheating of any sorts.

The next week (3/2-3/7), I peeked on Facebook after the kids were in bed to clear out any app invites and adjust my notifications.  That’s it.  No surfing.  I also checked Google reader to clear out a couple of time related posts.

This past week (3/9-3/14), I was very good.  No peeking at Facebook.  No checking Google reader, until today, Saturday.  I had 95 posts in my reader Saturday morning.