Thursday Thirteen

Brought to you today mostly by Mary Kay Cosmetics!  LOL!!  Thirteen items in my make-up bag that I rarely wear.  Mostly because I work at home.

  1. MK Eye liner ~ Sable & Bronze
  2. MK Lipstick ~ Pink Shimmer, Sheer Blush & Sweet Nectar
  3. MK Signature Lipstick ~ Beach Bronze, Cocoa Creme, & Cream & Sugar
  4. MK Nourishine Lip gloss ~ From the Gift with purchase:  Gold Rush, Stormy & Sweet Raisin
  5. Assorted brushes & applicators ~ MK Retractable powder brush, Covergirl mineral foundation brush, Maybelline foundation brush, MK Mineral foundation brush, 3 MK Blush brushes, 2 MK Dual end eye applicator’s,  1 sponge tip applicator
  6. MK Bronzing Powder in a compact with  round brush
  7. MK Eye shadows ~ Moonstone, Hazel Nut, Lucky Penny, Sheer Pink, Rose Mist, Sugar Plum, Tropical Sun
  8. MK Blush ~ Apricot Breeze, Sunny Spice
  9. Assorted Foundations ~ MK Creme to Powder, Cover girl Mineral foundation, Maybelline Mineral, MK mineral powder
  10. MK Tinted Moisturizer
  11. MK Loose Powder
  12. Cover Girl Concealer
  13. NYC brand Mascara

8 Responses

  1. My eyes! My eyes!

    (just kidding)

  2. I’ve heard you are supposed to throw out any make up that is more than a few months old, but I only use mine twice a year!

  3. Is that all the stuff that’s generically referred to as “Warpaint”?

  4. I miss Sable -sigh-. It was a little more brown than black. the new color is more black than brown.

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  7. I also work at home. I wear a lot of vaseline.It’s a great lip balm!

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