Blogging and Lent

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  I’m planning on giving up the internet for fun purposes.  No myspace (not a biggie), no Facebook, no forums, no blogging or blog reading.  I’m on hiatus.

The only exceptions are Sunday’s (it’s allowed), e-mail (I’ll still see your comments and such, just no reply’s from me until Sunday), Work related internet & banking.

Google reader will get a bit full and F F Friday will be put on hold for a few weeks.  I’ll survive and get much more work done in the mean time.  Maybe after Easter I’ll come back with a better grip on things.  Maybe Sunday’s will be once consolidated post:  Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, F F Friday and Photohunt all rolled into one.  We’ll see.

Later all and have a Blessed Lenten season.

F F Friday (39)

Here we are folks.  Time for fucking floral Friday with Saintseester


This could also be flannell floral Friday.  This is the floral print on our flannel sheets!  I thought I was going to need to put regular sheets back on the bed, but it got cold again.  Fucking winter!  ENOUGH!!!

Thursday Thirteen

Brought to you today mostly by Mary Kay Cosmetics!  LOL!!  Thirteen items in my make-up bag that I rarely wear.  Mostly because I work at home.

  1. MK Eye liner ~ Sable & Bronze
  2. MK Lipstick ~ Pink Shimmer, Sheer Blush & Sweet Nectar
  3. MK Signature Lipstick ~ Beach Bronze, Cocoa Creme, & Cream & Sugar
  4. MK Nourishine Lip gloss ~ From the Gift with purchase:  Gold Rush, Stormy & Sweet Raisin
  5. Assorted brushes & applicators ~ MK Retractable powder brush, Covergirl mineral foundation brush, Maybelline foundation brush, MK Mineral foundation brush, 3 MK Blush brushes, 2 MK Dual end eye applicator’s,  1 sponge tip applicator
  6. MK Bronzing Powder in a compact with  round brush
  7. MK Eye shadows ~ Moonstone, Hazel Nut, Lucky Penny, Sheer Pink, Rose Mist, Sugar Plum, Tropical Sun
  8. MK Blush ~ Apricot Breeze, Sunny Spice
  9. Assorted Foundations ~ MK Creme to Powder, Cover girl Mineral foundation, Maybelline Mineral, MK mineral powder
  10. MK Tinted Moisturizer
  11. MK Loose Powder
  12. Cover Girl Concealer
  13. NYC brand Mascara

Photohunt: Nautical

I had a difficult time with this one, as I live in land-locked Central Illinois.  I had to go back to some of my old non-scanned photo’s and this is what I found.

Lake Lacerne, WI at sunset

Lake Lacerne, WI at sunset

Grampa & Gramma

Grampa & Gramma

Grampa was in the Navy.  This was at their 50th Anniversary party in 1995.


F F Friday (38)

Dang it’s early.  Time for fucking floral Friday with Saintseester


Here’s another one from my photo archive.  I don’t believe I’ve used it before.