Thursday thirteen

As taken from Crap in my center console:

  1. DVD player remote
  2. Pen that doesn’t work
  3. beaded coin purse (No coins though)
  4. Emory board
  5. Hair clip
  6. address labels
  7. 4 pair of sunglasses
  8. ATM card to pay car payment
  9. ID cards for the park
  10. Squeezy coin keeper
  11. beads (not Mardi Gras beads, but random necklace & bracelet)
  12. Underneath napkins
  13. a yogurt container of rubber bands
  14. Fire sauce from Taco Bell
  15. Tin of peppermint lip balm

2 Responses

  1. That sounds a bit like stuff in my purse. These days I use an Altoids tin for my coins. It gets funny looks, but it’s much easier to sort out which coins I need and holds a lot.

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