PhotoHunt: Chipped

Now that we’ve thawed a little, the ice has been mostly chipped off the street.



9 Responses

  1. Thank goodness all that nastiness is melting. Good post.

  2. Thank heavens the snow and ice are chipping. Great idea for the theme.

    If you have time stop and see my photo hunt.

    JyLnC’s Chipped

  3. That is a great photohunt!

  4. yea! another refreshing take on the theme! I like that.

  5. And now we have snow on it. Welcome to Central Illinois.

  6. Lucky you! at least you see the thaw coming! Put on your scarf and gloves and come on over to my Michigan home! My hunt is up please come and visit

  7. brrr. that look mighty cold, but if it is thawing i guess it isn’t *too* bad out. still, i’m glad we’ve had a mostly dry winter here, so far. i figure i have 2 more months to get through, and then it will start getting nice again. why does winter always seem like the longest season of the year? (and i don’t even live where it is that bad!)

  8. Great take on the theme! 🙂 Glad that all the ice been chipped off… I hate walking on slippery streets 😦

  9. LOVE IT…wish we had some…send it our way…I WISH! lol

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