Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things on my dining room table with this wallpaper

  1. Numbers for the kids Fun Run
  2. Ribbons from the Fun Run
  3. Snacks:  Gold Fish, applesauce, variety pack (all from Sam’s Club)
  4. Pots from Christmas
  5. Box of Diego Valentines
  6. a bottle (No one uses a bottle anymore!)
  7. Two bottle drying racks
  8. vase
  9. bear
  10. Shoebox full of photos
  11. School pictures
  12. travel coffee mug lid
  13. aqua doodle Pen

And much more!

2 Responses

  1. WOW, that is alot on the table. LOL

    I don’t have my own table right now, but mom’s has pretty much
    nothng. Heck, it is so small nothing would fit there anyway. LOL

  2. I had to giggle at the Aquadoodle pen 🙂 Seems we have on our dining table we never eat on as well.

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