F F Friday (34)

Time for fucking floral Friday with Saintseester.

It is very cold and we have no flwoers in bloom.  So here is a photo of the wall paper in our dining room.  We don’t eat there, it’s more like the table is a collection place.  We DON’T eat in there because it’s carpeted.  and we have two kids.  and no dogs.


7 Responses

  1. Rip that carpet right out and put in wood laminate. It’s fairly cheap (like 70 cents per sq. foot) and fairly easy to install. Under $400 if you DIY. We are SO happy with ours. It’s not as permanent as nice, real, thick hardwood, but it’s literally 15x cheaper. Lasts about 10 years.

  2. Excellent choice regarding use of dining room.

  3. LOL. We also have a dining table that no one eats on, and LOUD floral wall paper (no put up by us). What a clever choice for today 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty color wallpaper, it looks like something I would have chosen back when we had wallpaper. In this house I refused to put any up. Just painted walls only. So much easier to change when you get sick of it.

  5. Hey, thanks for dropping by This Boy. (I still have not gotten around to moving my personal blog here at WordPress but I’m seriously considering it.)

    I posted a reply to your comment on the blog about noticing the location of the AI logo on Michael’s picture. I think I said something along the line of “great minds think alike.”

    And now that I see that we even use the same theme for our pages. I guess then that substantiates my statement. Hahaa

    Btw, that’s a pretty wallpaper up there. I initially thought it was a painting. We don’t use wallpaper in our house, but I do love flowers.

  6. Do I buy it? Yep. 😉

    I think by 20 days he means singing seriously like maybe practicing some techniques.

    I think he used to sing just for fun. Maybe whenever he plays his guitar or ukelele. But I’m pretty sure he had never performed publicly.

    I’m not surprise though because the Castros come from a family of Opera singers and Jason said that he always felt insecure growing up because he does not sing like the other members of the family. So even when he was in a band, he only played drums and didn’t start singing and playing the guitar until his freshmen year in College.

    So I’m not surprised with Michael being a late bloomer himself.

    Actually we started wondering if Michael could also sing when Jason was still on AI. So whenever he drops by our forum to chat with us we’d ask him if he was also into singing and I remember him saying once that he only sings in the car. LOL

    Sometimes we’d tease him and tell him to sing with Jason on Jason’s date night vlogs, but that never did happen. The only vlog we got was that one where Jackie asked him to play his ukelele and all he could do was give a shy smile and talk about his pinata and the festival mask on his wall. Hahaa

  7. We never eat at our dining room table either, and I can relate to it being nothing more than a place to collect things. As soon as we walk in, everything in our hands seems to find a place on the table. It drives me crazy!

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