Thursday thirteen: Plan vs reality

  1. Little Man doesn’t have school today becasue of inclement weather
  2. I PLANNED on getting up at 5:00 am when hubby wakes up
  3. So I could get a jump start on work or fit some fitness in
  4. Little Man came into our room about 2:50am to lay with us
  5. I brought him back to his room half an hour later
  6. I couldn’t fall back asleep
  7. I thought I would get my arse out off bed at 4:30
  8. I fell back asleep
  9. I was briefly awake when Hubby left to work
  10. I snoozed through my alarm
  11. I finally got my arse out of bed at 6:15
  12. Here I am 15 minutes later
  13. Hopefully I can get some good work done before the kids wake up

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