A Very Odd Dream

Last night I had the oddest dream ever…

I was hiding from some people in a hotel room with another woman.  The beds were very close together, and when they came in looking for us, we hid under the bed, although I couldn’t get all the way under, soI was hiding in between the beds with the covers on top of me.  After they had gone I asked if she was sure they were gone.

Next thing I know, we’re in a mall kiosk type place (more like a desk) and the police flashed her credit card and asks if this is her.  She gets taken away and I’m left there to make sure nobody takes anything.

While I’m there, two ladies in waitressing outfits or some other uniform come by and start taking books and notebooks to look through.  I am fighting them off and finally get them to leave.  I yelled at the one, “Bitch” and she didn’t even care.  So I yelled even louder in this busy mall, “You are a C-U Next Tuesday!”

Then they left.  The next group to come through were cast members of Spamalot going to the stage.  I had to redirect people so they wouldn’t go through the stuff.  One of the cast members was my brother and I was really angry with him for it.  I think I said, “My own BROTHER is doing this to me?”

and then I woke up.

3 Responses

  1. Ok that is weird. :O

  2. You been eating weird stuff before bed ? That truly is a weird dream.

  3. That really is a very odd dream, although I have some super weird ones sometimes, too.

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