Photo hunter: Aftermath



10 Responses

  1. I always say I am going to start photohunting, but then I’m always stumped by the theme. This one is good!

  2. I’ve seen this take on the theme several times today It must go with the holidays. Elmo’s cute!

    If you have time stop by and see my photo hunt.

    JyLnC’s Aftermath

  3. This wasn’t even after Christmas!! I think this after some play time in the summer.

  4. What gets to me is how fast the kids make messes, and how hard it is to get them to clean it up!

  5. That looks like my house… LOL

  6. I had to laugh! When my three sons were small, every room looked like this! Don’t worry they do grow up fast and then you’ll be doing like me, and saying things like this…I wish I could have them back small just one day! lol…My photo hunt is up please come and visit

  7. You sure have a lot of wipes containers. Cute photo!

  8. Fighting: Those aren’t even HALF of them in the photo… I have one for Crayons and another for colored pencils and such. We have at least 13 with stuff in it. Better that we are reusing than throwing them away. We’ve also given several to daycare as well.

  9. Absolutely appropriate name for that photo. We used to call our sons by hurricane names – because they would leave an ‘aftermath’ WHEREVER they went.

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