Happy New Year!

We promptly fell asleep just before 10:00 CST.  Hubby and I didn’t even make it up to watch the ball drop at 11:00.  Baby Girl woke up screaming just before 1:00 am, so we were awake for the New Year to roll over in the Mountain time zone.

She puked.  All.  Over.  her. bedding.  Fortunately her sleep friends were spared of the pukey-ness.  I remember going into our bedroom to get hubby and I think I said, “Clean-up.  Aisle Baby Girl”.

After she settled down and cleaned up, we snuggled in the rocking chair and she fell asleep.  Then I rang in the New Year in the Pacific time zone.  I fell back asleep.  Not quite an hour later, she woke up crying again.  This time she was dry heaving.  ughhh…  Awake again for Alaska to ring in the New Year.

I hope this is no indication of how 2009 is going to go.

Happy New Year, all!