Photohunt: Furry



These are my super warm furry socks.

F F Friday (36)

Here we are again.  time for Fabulous Floral Friday, with Saintseester.


This is the poppy that hangs on my rear view mirror, as taken by my cell phone.  I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but it’s always there.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday thirteen

As taken from Crap in my center console:

  1. DVD player remote
  2. Pen that doesn’t work
  3. beaded coin purse (No coins though)
  4. Emory board
  5. Hair clip
  6. address labels
  7. 4 pair of sunglasses
  8. ATM card to pay car payment
  9. ID cards for the park
  10. Squeezy coin keeper
  11. beads (not Mardi Gras beads, but random necklace & bracelet)
  12. Underneath napkins
  13. a yogurt container of rubber bands
  14. Fire sauce from Taco Bell
  15. Tin of peppermint lip balm

Wordless Wednesday: crap in my center console


As taken with my cell phone.   visit tomorrow for my Thursday Thirteen.

For more participants Wordless Wednesday

PhotoHunt: Chipped

Now that we’ve thawed a little, the ice has been mostly chipped off the street.