Sentimental Sunday (6)

Here we are again.  Time for Sentimental Sunday.  🙂  Christmas version!

  • Two words:  Moon Boots.  My sister and I were on the Christmas parade float for the Chamber of Commerce.  I was a shepard.  We wore Moon boots!  LOL!! 
  • Our Santa always ride on the fire truck in the parade.
  • Going with Fighting Windmills post, we always received toothbrushes in our Christmas Stockings.  Now I include them in our stockings.  I’m sure that we always got regular items in our stockings, but I always remember toothbrushes.
  • For as long as I could remember, My two sisters, brother and I would always sleep in the same room.  The last year we did this was probably Christmas 1994?  The four of us tried to sleep in the king size bed.  I think I was the only one who really fell asleep that night.
  • Our other Christmas tradition was to open our presents in our PJ’s.
Chamber of Commerce Float

Chamber of Commerce Float, 1983

I’m there on the left with the cane and the dark blue moon boots and the sun glasses!  I think this was pre-parade.

3 Responses

  1. Um. I think that way back then, had the Shepherds KNOWN about moon boots, they would have totally gone for some. Their feet would have been a lot warmer, not to mention cusioned…

  2. Love the moon boots! 🙂 We always did the presents in our pjs, too. Still do, in fact. 🙂

  3. We do presents in our PJ’s, too. in fact, it’s just about hte only time I WEAR PJ’s. Of course, the alternative is disgusting.

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