5 x 8 meme

Kristen over at Seriously though, it really did happen tagged me for this 5×8 meme.

8 favorite TV Shows

  1. Chuck
  2. Knight Rider
  3. American Idol
  4. American Gladiator (I wonder if this is coming back soon?)
  5. Cold Case

8 Things that happened yesterday

  1. it snowed
  2. we played outside
  3. we made a snowman
  4. I showered before bed
  5. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  6. NaBloPomo came to an end
  7. I talked to my Mom on the phone
  8. I read the Sunday paper (On Sunday!)

8 favorite places to eat

  1. Applebees
  2. Chili’s
  3. Culver’s
  4. Panera’s
  5. Ruby Tuesday’s
  6. Mom’s
  7. Dad’s
  8. In-laws

8 things I’m looking forward to

  1. No longer having to buy pull-ups for the kids bedtime
  2. Christmas
  3. Spring
  4. Bedtime
  5. Both kids in public school with no weekly tuition checks to write
  6. Both kids riding the bus to school
  7. Putting the flannel sheets on the bed

8 things on my wish list

  1. digital SLR camers (wiping drool)
  2. deep dish pie cookware
  3. an office with people to go to daily and not freeze out

okay, so I couldn’t think of 8 things for each category.  Tag yourself!

4 Responses

  1. I’m with you on 5 of your 8 favorite places to eat. I’ve never eaten at the last three.

  2. I just thought of #8 on Things I’m looking forward to list:

    8. Not having to wipe either of my kids butts after they poop.

  3. HA! Yes, it was nice when I realized I was done doing that.

  4. snow! yikes.

    your post reminded me that I’d meant to make some type of muffin for post-ride-snacking tomorrow, and completely forgot. I’d better pack an extra big lunch! doh.

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