Wordless Wednesday: Ugh!


Wordless Wednesday

time sucker

time sucker

Good luck and have fun.

F F Friday (31)

Here we are again.  Time for Fucking floral Friday, with Saintseester.


The hostas have long since died, but here is a photo of the flower.  I hope everyone had a Fabulous Christmas and stays warm (or cool, depending on location).  Stay safe everyone.  Merry Christmas.

Sentimental Sunday (8)

Here we are again.  This time, it’s the Christmas albums that we listened to as kids.  As vinyl.  With a record player.  and a needle! Continue reading

Photohunter: Wide

Too many of these:

dscn0522and these:


are going to make my butt very wide.  Tis the season.  Merry Christmas!


F F Friday (30-2)

Here we are…  Fucking Frozen Friday.

The ice came later than expected, so it wasn’t as bad as expected.  Our neighbor two houses down has a birch tree.  Poor thing.  Part of it snapped.

F F Friday (30)

Today is a very icy day.  I did get some photos, but I’m not going to post them just yet.  Anyway, it’s time for fucking floral Friday with Saintseester!


I needed soemthing bright and cheery, this cold and dreary day.  Have a fantastic week and stay safe.