Sentimental Sunday (4)

This is kind of scattered today, with no flow what-so-ever…

Because we were a family of 6, we had a station wagon.  You know, the kind with the wood panel, although I think ours was the faux wood panel.  My younger sister and I would sit in the “back-back”, or at least that’s what we called it.  The second station wagon we had actually had seats and seat belts back there!  We were riding backwards.  On trips up to Chicago Heights, my sister and I would dance our animals or wave at the passing cars trying to get them to wave and always trying to get the truck to honk horns.  We always played the alphabet game of some sorts (either using objects outside or names or animals)

One summer we visited our uncle in Wisconsin and we took our dog.  Everytime we would stop for a toll, the car stalled.  When I was in college, my 1988 Crapalier did the same thing. 

My Mom had a green Duster.  I’m not sure if it had seat belts or not.  One time Mom was driving us around the town square and the passenger door flew open!  No one fell out, but it was quite funny.  Later Mom had a Celebrity.  The only time we HAD to wear seat belts was when we were driving through Chicago! 

I learned to drive in the station wagon.  Fun stuff.  I could NOT pull the car into or out of the driveway to save my life.  I knocked off a rearview mirror and scraped up the faux woodpanel off.  One day, I had pushed the garage door button to open the door and I backed out.  Then crunch!  I thought I ran over a bicycle or another toy.  Ummm…  I backed into the closed garage door!  Whoops!  At least I wasn’t going THAT fast and I didn’t do damage.

My favorite car to drive was the El Camino.  Dad still has it!  I loved driving it.  I’m pretty sure it has well over 200,000 miles on it.

edited late Sunday night:  I forgot to mention this earlier in the post.  We also had a red car (I don’t remember what it was, a Chevy Nova maybe?)  I am in Illinois where personalized plates are pretty common and fairly cheap.  The plates on the particular car was OTAMOT 1.  Print it and look in the mirror.  What do you see?  1 TOMATO.  Very clever, eh?

5 Responses

  1. We did the same kinds of things in my Dad’s ’52 chevy.

  2. I loved the back-back seat. I remember sitting back there with my cousin and waving at the driver of the cars behind us. Fun times!

  3. Some kids down the street had one of those station wagons with the seats in the trunk, we always used to fight over who got to sit back there. 🙂

    I joined in today and did my own Sentimental Sunday. 🙂

  4. My sister and I rode half way to Florida asleep on blankets in the folded-down back seat of a station wagon. Pretty convenient for our parents.

  5. Cars like that always make me think of The Wonder Years. 🙂

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