Stop! Potty Time.

My girl’s going potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the time.  I say you know me.  I’ve gotta go pee-pee.  (Can you name the songs?)

Anyway, we are finally getting in a good place for Baby girl and potty training.  I know.  She’s THREE!  We didn’t force her to go, but we were back tracking a bit.  She didn’t want to go in the potty after going quite a bit.  We decided to just put her in underpants and whatever happens, happens.  She didn’t have an accident, but she does still poop in her pants.  We can’t get her to poop in the potty.  ~sigh~

9 Responses

  1. The first one, “My Girl Wants to Party all the Time,” was easy to me. I can’t catch the second one at all.

  2. Don’t forget the title!

  3. My son pooped in his underwear for about 2 months. He was so disappointed to find out that potty training involved more than just pee. Then he learned. I don’t know a good strategy. We would just say, “Ewww. That’s gross. Try to make it to the potty next time.” And for a couple of weeks I had to mix in 3 spoonfulls of prune juice in his apple juice so that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in for days.

  4. On the other hand, my boys were all “DADDY – COME LOOK!!!!” Ewwwwww.

  5. we had that trouble for a long while also. my SIL said it’s normal, and just to buy reaaaaly cheap underpants. Good luck!!!!

  6. Oh, sure… As soon as I blog about it, she does it! She pooped in the potty at school today! YIPPEE!!

    Also, we are having her nap withOUT a pull-up on.

  7. Yay for potty training!

  8. Hammer Time and Down with OPP.

    yup. Did you see it on facebook? ~R

  9. See what on Facebook?

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