Sentimental Sunday (3)

I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this this week.  I think I mentioned this before, but when we played outside, we weren’t confined to our own yard.  We were always playing in either yard or driveway of our neighbor’s house.  Even when the one neighbor moved and the new people put up a fence, they told us that we could come over anytime and showed us where the gate was.

 The one neighbor to our left had a HUGE Weeping Willow tree in their backyard.  We climbed that tree and it was our space ship, or we would grab a handful and swing like they were vines.  We’d collect the cicada shells off the tree and hide them somewhere else.  Our neighbor on the other side had bushes jsut off the deck and we would run and jump over them.

We would ride our bikes or roller skate in the neighbors driveways.  We only had a single car garage and they both had two car garages!  In the winter, we’d play in our garage!



I have no idea what were building/doing, but we had fun.  We’d give each other Dolly Rides!  That’s me in the overalls!  I’m pretty sure I don’t have shoes on…  I think these photos were taken either in Jan 1981 or December 1980.  After looking at a couple other photos, I think we were helping my Dad build/paint something for one of the bedrooms.  But it’s hard to tell.  🙂

Anyway, We always had fun, no matter where we played.

4 Responses

  1. It’s those kind of memories that made you, it’s those kind of memories that will build your children.

  2. I had that toy! Mr. Mouth or some such game. His head would rotate and if the mouth was open when it came around to you, you could flip your chips in. Most in wins.

  3. Aw, weren’t you cute as a kid? 🙂 We used to roam all through our neighborhood, too. We used to give treats to a neighbor’s dog all the time and play in their trees and pretty much go wherever we wanted. So much fun!

  4. Jimmy, I remember that game, but where in the world do you see it in that picture??

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