We’ll get to Sentimental Sunday later tonight. I just had to share this weirdness from last night.

I was in bed in that half awake half asleep state, facing out. It felt like someone sat on the bed near my stomach. It seemed like the person got up and sat back down near my head. It was hard to breath and I tried desperately to move, but it took a while.

I know hubby was sleeping, it wasn’t him. The kids were both still in bed. I don’t know if I was dreaming or what.  It was VERY weird.

3 Responses

  1. I think it was sleep paralysis. I’ve had it happen once in a while, and it is really awful. LIke being stuck in a nightmare, really.

  2. The thing that was weird was the feeling that someone was sitting on the bed! The non-moving thing is also odd. I tried to wiggle my toes, that usually works, but I couldn’t this morning.

  3. The other night I would have sworn my wife was yelling up the stairs to wake me up. While still waking up (so I thought) I knew accurately that it was about 4 am so something must be wrong down there. It took me 3 tries to finally get out a real life yell to her and ended up waking her-sleeping beside me the whole time.

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