funny stuff

At least to me.  I know that there’s an actual term for this, and I can’t remember what it is.  It’s what you hear the words of a song versus what the actual words are.

Here’s a couple of mine, the couple that came to mind right away.  See if you can figure what the actual words are.  I’ll update this post a bit later, so check back in.

  1. Hush.  Keep it down now, Mrs. Cary. Later I thought  Hush.  Keep it down now.  This is scary.
  2. Two Hot, hot!
  3. Secret Asian man.

Check back later…

4 Responses

  1. The first is Voices Carry and the last is Secret Agent Man — both are lyrics I also mis-heard at first! But I’ve no idea of the middle one.

  2. You are correct on #1 & 3. #2 is pretty tricky…. I think everyone hears “Secret Asian Man” I might have to give a clue on #2, but not now. 😛

    okay. #2 is a Stacey Q Song.

  3. Is #2 “Two of hearts”? That’s the only Stacey Q song that came to mind.

    Yup. “Too hot, hot” is really “Two of hearts”! LOL!! How funny is that? ~R

  4. Here’s another one. It was on the radio…

    Our thoughts are chasms in the classroom

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