I’m not complaining!

about the weather right now.  We have had unseasonably warm weather.  Trick or treating was beautiful.  The kids didn’t need coats and because the time change didn’t happen, it was still light out and we didn’t need flashlights.  The temperature has been in the upper 60’s lower/mid 70’s.  WOW!  It is supposed to get back to normal mid week, so we’ll enjoy it while we can.

Oh and GET OUT AND VOTE!!!  Then go to Starbucks for your free cuppa coffee.

One Response

  1. I voted, I voted!

    And was so happy to not have to stand in line. My coworkers who voted this morning all had like 1-2 hour lines. I had no line this afternoon.

    No way can I stay up to watch the results, though. It will have to be a surprise for when I wake up! lol.

    We had unseasonably cold weather last week, and then starting friday unseasonably warm weather. It has been more average the past few days. I’m just happy the overnight temps have been around 50! Great commuting temps. Now if only the rain could fall only when I’m not riding, and the wind calm down for those few hours as well! lol.

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