Song of the south?

This past weekend, my husband and I went to SE MO for my cousin’s wedding. We were in the little hangy down part of Missouri. On our drive, we saw these big things in the fields…

I had no idea what they were. I was thinking that they were big block of lime… I was soooooo wrong.  They were bales of cotton.  I couldn’t help but think of Saintseester.

The reception was in a hall that bordered a field of cotton.  I was walking towards the field to grab one, but I didn’t.  I wish that I did. I am such a Midwestern Girl..  LOL!!

On the way home, I was singing this Alabama song:

Cotton on the roadside, cotton in the ditch, we all picked the cotton and we never got rich.

3 Responses

  1. How funny: the little hangy down part. hahahaha. Those bales of cotton must have been an impressive sight.

    I’m a Midwestern girl and I’m used to seeing field after field of Corn & soybeans and the bales of hay. But cotton! WOW!! I wish that I’d grabbed a handful from the field. ~R

  2. Just found you on Kemi’s blog. Funny post! They harvest cotton here as well and the bales are huge! Like the trailer on a semi huge! I’ve only lived here 2 yrs so it’s still really novel to me!

  3. Hey, I was born in SE MO! Not quite in the hangy-down part, but close….

    LOL!!! ~R

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