F F Friday (22)

Here it is Friday again!  Time for Fall Foliage Friday with Saintseester.

These are the fall leaves of our new tree.  🙂  Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

8 Responses

  1. Is that FROST on the ground? Yikes, it isn’t that cold here. Of course, our leaves aren’t turning yet, either. I have a tree that turns similar colors, though.

    No frost yet. The ground was soaked and I was almost sloshing through the yard this morning. ~R

  2. Here in Tampa Florida we have God’s beauty all around us, just as in every other place on earth. God gave us all where ever we live unique beauty to enjoy.

    Your photos have captured an annual display of color and excitement of changes yet to come. They bring back memories of childhood stories of “Jack Frost” and how he comes every year to paint the leaves different colors.

    Thanks for the memories!


  3. What a great tree. It lives up to the hype in its name. 😀

  4. cest magnific, or something frenchy like that…really beautiful!

  5. I was reminded of these pics as I rode home today. It felt more like winter than fall (37 or so and raining) and suddenly I saw a tree that had come into its fall colors just recently, and it looked just like these pics.

    I was neither dry nor warm, but that was quickly remedied once I got home! 😀

  6. Wow! your foliage is so brilliantly red 🙂

    I love these shots.

    Our leaves are pretty much all brown and gone.

  7. Somehow with the change in blogs, I lost yours on my google reader. LOTS to catch up on! 😮

    These leaves are beautiful, and perfect fall foliage. 🙂

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