F F Friday (18)

I’m late!!  I have good reason!  I haven’t been home.  This year is my classes 15 year reunion and the parade was this afternoon.  I was there.  My and one other girl from my class of approx. 99 was there.  Anyway, here I am posting for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester.

early in the year

early in the year

These were the Mother’s day geraniums from our church.  In planted them in the ground and they are doing VERY well!

Thrusday morning

Thrusday morning

3 Responses

  1. Really pretty! Isn’t that a great feeling when you plant something and it thrives?

  2. I have this bad link for you and somehow, whenever I update the link with the proper information, the next time I go to use the link and check out you latest post – it back to the other one I don’t have access to. AAARRRGGGGG!!!

    Cubs are in the Playoffs!!!! With the best record in the National League!! Go Cubs Go.

  3. I love geraniums. They’re beautiful, and they smell spicy! Perfection. 😀

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