F F Friday (15)

Today is Franny Floral Friday.  This post is in honor of her.  Saintseester hostessed.  🙂

My Grandma slipped away from us Tuesday after around 3:45.  She had many strokes in the two years that she had been in the nursing home.  She refused to eat or drink anything the last week and half or so.  It was sad for us, but also a welcome relief for her.  She was 93 and reunited with her husband, GK.

These are some of the types of flowers that she grew in her garden.  All photos from Flik’r.  Clicking on the photo will take you to the page.  (I hope I’m giving photo credit correctly)  The roses are mine though. 

Trillium.  Photo by dgknodle

Trillium. Photo by dgknodle

Lily of the Valley.  Photo by Henri Bonell

Lily of the Valley. Photo by Henri Bonell



Rose bud
Rose bud

Rest in Peace, Grandma.  I know that you are watching over us all just as GK watched over you for so many years.    June 13, 1915 to September 2, 2008 

3 Responses

  1. Very nice! She lived a long life! Do you grow any of these same flowers that she loved?

    We just have roses. She also grew a pretty big garden as well. The thing I remember is that we would pick the greenbeans, rinse them off and eat them. Sometimes we wouldn’t even wash them off. ~R

  2. My condolences on the passing of your grandmother. The flowers are a beautiful memory. My grandmother was an avid gardener – I did not inherit the ability to keep plants alive.

  3. So sorry to hear of your gram, though she certainly had a long life. My gram was about the same age when she passed away, and it was that same sort of mixed feeling – sad for us, yet knowing that she had long been ready to go, and so somehow a bit happy for her. You certainly have lots of memories of her, and I bet you think of her when ever you garden!

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