it-se-bit-se a follow up

I know MANY of you find my blog by searching “it se bit se” in some variation. I do not sell the thongs here. Well, any underwear for that matter. As far as I can tell, you cannot buy then on-line, except for e-bay or amazon.

If you have a Costco store, check for them there. In person. If anyone DOES find a place online to buy them, please leave a comment here directing all traffic. LOL!!

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  1. these are my FAVORITE underwear ever………… i just don’t know if it is a regular item there. i’ve worn mine out.

    • hey, these have been my main stay since high school. the costco in Laurel, MD still sells them, not sure if they have plain cottton or just a blend though. also the costco in/near annapolis, MD had them the last time i went. I usually buy ten packs when i go to stock up for awhile. good luck.

      • Hey does anybody know where to buy these underware online or tell me where I can get them? I am looking for the Hi Cut underware.

    • Itsebitse hi cuts and bikinis are now available online at

    • Hi-Cut It-Se-Bit-Se by French Dressing are available on eBay

    • Hello, I found it-se-bit-se underwear at Costco and love them. I did some research and they are made and sold by French Dressing
      I went to and bought several along with camisoles and they also carry tanks, yoga capris and yoga pants . they are in bundle packs as is at Costco and reasonable priced

  2. you can still buy French Dressing undies – bikinis at the Fairfax, VA Costco. They only sell the cotton blend bikins & I searched online trying to find any links to buy 100% cotton ones with no luck. At the pt of sewing little holes cause I love them so much & I just can’t find anything that even comes close, all the other string bikinis are too thick on edges like Jockeys. Good luck.

  3. I too have been searching and searching for the It-se-bit-se undies. The Cost-co’s in MI do not have then anymore. I love the 100% cotton ones and I would love to be able to find them again. I have some of the blended ones and they are ok. It just stinks that they don’t carry them anymore. I also thinks it’s strange that you can’t find them on-line either. If anyone ever finds them please let us know. They are a staple in my daily life however they are looking pretty worn out.

  4. itsebitse hi cut panties are now available online at

  5. Medford Oregon Costco hasn’t had it-se-bit-se Hi-Cut for a loooong time. I’m desperate!!!!

  6. THANK YOU..THANK YOU THANK YOu for having this question on here. I’ve been looking for the last 1-2 years. These are the best panties out there!
    Mine are on their last legs…ordering some now.

  7. I, too, like this brand of underwear. Since I bought them
    while shopping at Costco with my mother and I don’t have a
    membership, I have taken special care of them. I’ve had had them
    for two and a half years and they are still in great shape. To make
    them last long, I have avoided putting them in the dryer, air
    drying them instead The dryer is hard on most fabrics.

  8. I bought mine at a discount store but never found any like it 95% cotton 5% lycra.
    They are the greatest panties. Hi Cut Brief.
    Cannot be found online anywhere.
    Made in Cambodia.
    I’m still looking.

  9. I agree with everyone, best undies ever made and amazing prices. I won’t wear anything else now. Lost my mind when Costco stopped selling them. I don’t think they realized the customer demand. Anyway, just ordered on and ordered lots since I didn’t want this site to disapear either.

    • Yeah!!!!! I have been seraching for the Hi Cut Brief everytime I go to Costco… but to no avail. Thank you for sharing your find!!!

  10. I too have been searching for it se bit se for a while. They are the best fitting underwear I own, so they’re getting pretty worn out! The Jockey, Fof the L, Victoria’s Secret all still look like new! I’m so glad I stumbed upon this site- I couldn’t remember where I bought them, and was surprised to find out that it was Costco! Thanks to you all- I’ll check out my local store.

  11. These are still available at the link provided back in 2009:

    Just ordered 18 pairs – hope that lasts me a while, as I get a bit iffy with the company seeming to disappear (and my local Costco – St George UT – hasn’t had these for YEARS….)

  12. It se bit se are sold at for 12.99 for a pack of six

  13. I’ve only found them on ebay and they are on poshmark if you want to pay more.. I agree best fitting panties I’ve ever owned. I have ordered 3 sets on ebay. I did go to the site like some of you suggested but it’s still not up. Yes, I too bought them at costco years ago. Anyhow, if you’re still looking at least you can get them at ebay.. good luck

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