I don’t understand…

The Cubs are now 83-50.  YEAH CUBS!!  The sports announcers state that they are 33 games above .500.  I don’t get that.  Shouldn’t it be 16.5 games over .500?  If they lost all those games, they wouldn’t be at .500.

3 Responses

  1. If they lost 33 games straight, their record would be 83-83, and their winning percentage would be .500 since that record would mean they won exactly 50% of the games they played.

  2. That kind of makes sense… I think in terms of games played. As if they lost half the games, they would be at .500 instead of if they lose the next XX games over .500.


  3. Okay – it took me a LONG time to figure that shit out – so don’t mess with my head!!!! I think this year is the first time in my life that I finally understand and I’m going to be 63 in a week and a half. And yes – i was born just before the Cubs played in their last World Series and no – I’m not going to throw myself in front of a bus just so they get back to the World Series again. Which was suggested to me by a Sox fan. Fucker.

    ROFLMAO!! We need to find the Sox fan and throw HIM under the bus. ~R

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