head shot

I was cooking dinner tonight and looked out my kitchen window.  What did my wandering eye catch?  Our ground squirrel!  I did manage to get a couple shots off.

On the move!

On the move!

He was heading towards the downspouts and I don’t think he could get there quick enough.

6 Responses

  1. Where I grew up, if we managed to “get a few shots off” in the general direction of a pest, it wasn’t the camera. 🙂

    We have gigantic ground hornets (or whatever they may be, they are the size of hummingbirds) at our place at the moment. I’m going to go un-organic on their asses and spray their holes.

  2. BB Gun, anyone? Or an AK47?

  3. That thing is cool looking ! It looks like a ferret to me!

  4. Wow! Your squirrels there look so different than ones we have 🙂 So cute! What a great shots.

  5. We do have the regular ol’ bushy tail red or gray squirrels too. This one I thought was a chipmunk the first couple of times we spotted it. After I did some google searches, I found that it was a ground squirrel and not a chipmunk.

    I have seen some Black ones when I was in Ohio and there is a town nearby, Olney, that is home to several albino’s.. ~R

  6. what a cute little critter! the black squirrels are in Kent and I’ve seen grey squirrels in Canada. My parents have flying squirrels. Those keep getting their house somehow! We just have the standard bushy tailed brown squirrels at our place. And they eat my strawberries! 😡

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