F F Friday (12)

Here we are again!  It’s time for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester!  Oh, before I forget…  Last weekend the in-laws came with some flowers for our yard.  With MIL’s help, we planted them.  In the morning, it was kind of drizzly!  but it was good.  The beds were weeded and we have some new flowers.  I believe that some were from Hubby’s grandparents gardens.  🙂

A lovely flower poking through my fence.

on the yard side.

The same lovely flower has become a place for the fucking (literally) Japanese beetles that have eaten our other plants!

3 Responses

  1. I hate those stupid beetles. They have not been as horrible this year as in years past, but man they eat everything.

  2. Ahhh! Look at those disgusting beetles! I hate when they land on me and their legs feel so sharp and scary. Those are pretty flowers though. Looks like this time your camera auto-focused well.

  3. Purdy farleys.

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