Da White Sox

This is for completion of my bet with SGEP.  Since neither of us really wants to write 500 words on the opposing team, we watered it down to a couple sentences.  Here’s mine.

The Chicago White Sox is the best team in the American League.  Dominate hitting combined with an excellant pitching staff make them the greatest team in the AL.  Personally, I find myself liking Jim Thome.  He’s seems pretty genuine off the field and a down to earth kind of guy.

Does that fly?

edit:  Maybe I should have stated AL Central.  This was somewhat written before the All-star break.  I finally pulled the trigger…

2 Responses

  1. Yes. That flies. But I’m not sure that the Sox are better than the Rays. I’m just sayin’. And this is from a CUBS fan – who could really care less about the American League – except that they’re potential victims for the CUBS in the World Series.

  2. I guess it’s time for me to put up, huh?

    I would agree with LouCeel, the Sox are not the best team in the AL. UNLESS, they can produce more consistently and their pitching staff can return to their pre-all star form.

    And I can tell you– Thome is completely genuine.

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