The kids left with Papa & Nana yesterday after lunch.  Hubby and I immediately started stripping!

No…  Not that kind of stripping.  We stripped the border off the guest bedroom.  We are moving Little Man out of the smallest room into a bigger room.  Before we do that, we need to remove the border and paint.  The room is currently a sun faded pink, it’s the only bedroom with South facing windows.  We are painting it a light blue. 

Today the primer goes up and Tuesday the room gets painted.  Wednesday I’ll move his furniture in and we’ll have a day of rest.

6 Responses

  1. How exciting! No, not that kind of exciting. 😉

  2. You said: “We stripped the boarder off the guest bedroom.”

    I didn’t know you had a live-in renter! How did he like getting stripped off? If he has a lease you can’t just remove him. I guess I should say him/her.

    P.S. This joke only works until E. changes “boarder” to say “border”. Then I just look weird.

    HA! changed. 😛 Now we all know that you ARE weird. ~R

  3. Maybe you should threaten your boarder that if HE doesn’t remove the border, you’ll send him back over the border!

  4. I apologize for Jimmy.

    No need to apologize! Why do you think I not so secretly call him Jimmy Crack(ed)-Head Corn? 😀 ~R

  5. Hook. Line. and Sinker. Stinker.

  6. Will we get to see pics?

    I doubt it, but possibly! LOL!! ~R

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