F F Friday (14)

Here we are, once again. It’s time for Fucking floral Friday with Saintseester!

These daylily’s have come and gone and come back again.  🙂  I hope that everyone has a fantabulous 3 day weekend.  Stay safe.

it-se-bit-se a follow up

I know MANY of you find my blog by searching “it se bit se” in some variation. I do not sell the thongs here. Well, any underwear for that matter. As far as I can tell, you cannot buy then on-line, except for e-bay or amazon.

If you have a Costco store, check for them there. In person. If anyone DOES find a place online to buy them, please leave a comment here directing all traffic. LOL!!

I don’t understand…

The Cubs are now 83-50.  YEAH CUBS!!  The sports announcers state that they are 33 games above .500.  I don’t get that.  Shouldn’t it be 16.5 games over .500?  If they lost all those games, they wouldn’t be at .500.

Hump day Humor

 If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were alive today, their infamous sketch,
 “Who’s on First?” might have turned out something like this:

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head shot

I was cooking dinner tonight and looked out my kitchen window.  What did my wandering eye catch?  Our ground squirrel!  I did manage to get a couple shots off.

On the move!

On the move!

He was heading towards the downspouts and I don’t think he could get there quick enough.

F F Friday (13)

Wow 13 weeks!!  It’s time again for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester and Fighting Windmills has joined me as well!

We were doing our nightly walk meandering around the block and I saw these HUGE white flowers.  I knew I had to take pictures of them for F F Friday.  I should have tried to take a picture of it with my hand in the shot for size.  I’m not sure if you can see the fence post?  Maybe that will give you an idea…

Anyway, Wednesday was Little Man’s last free day before his first full day of school.  We kept him busy.  🙂 Continue reading

F F Friday (12)

Here we are again!  It’s time for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester!  Oh, before I forget…  Last weekend the in-laws came with some flowers for our yard.  With MIL’s help, we planted them.  In the morning, it was kind of drizzly!  but it was good.  The beds were weeded and we have some new flowers.  I believe that some were from Hubby’s grandparents gardens.  🙂

A lovely flower poking through my fence.

on the yard side.

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